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To all of my loyal Friends and Subscribers,
Hopefully 2016 was a good year for you; it was a great year for me. After 15 years of coaching, my clients believe that I am getting pretty good at coaching.

New coaching clients are always welcome. Right now my schedule has a few open spots. If you know of anyone who would like to try coaching, please give them my contact info. or 312-882-2975.

It has truly been a pleasure to write my newsletters for everyone to enjoy and benefit from over the past 15 years. I plan to take a break from writing newsletters in 2017.

Many of my past newsletters are at If you would like to read any of them from the last 12 years, just go and click on “Newsletters”.

As always referrals are appreciated, and the first two sessions are complimentary.

Final Thoughts:


Jerry Pinney
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